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Blog—Welcome to our round table, the antidote to writing in isolation at work

We teach many workshops across many industries, and we notice that writing is too often a solitary act. And not an easy one at that.

Writers can thrive and get stronger with a bit more collaboration
Writers going it alone is harder on writers and produces less clear documents. Let’s change that!

This blog is virtual medicine for writing struggles
It is a gathering place to wonder about and resolve questions together. It brings back the missing elements that make writing easier—companionship, a chance to talk about it, fresh perspectives, time to reflect. It’s an ongoing conversation among writers about our work.

We'll be posting all kinds of interesting things here:

  • questions you ask and our best answers

  • interesting trinkets about writing (we might find 'em or you might find 'em)

  • particularly knotty bits of writing, with rewrites and explanations showing how we got from A to B

  • guest writers who talk about the writing in their professional context

Send us your knotty examples, insights, struggles, articles, and questions at hello@wordsmith.ca

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