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We use a style called plain language

But we don’t mean dumbing down. We mean writing that is clear, concise, practical, persuasive, and engaging for the intended reader. We also customize each workshop to the client’s needs, goals, kinds of writing, and sample documents.

We train people to write clearly

Our training helps people produce stronger, more focused documents. We also help writers write more efficiently, with less stress.

Contrary to expectations…

Writing training doesn’t need to be dry. Participants regularly say our workshops are the best writing training they’ve ever had. We don’t lecture—we team teach with two skilled, smart instructors who keep the pace lively. All our workshops are hands-on and interactive, with a combination of individual work, discussion, small groups, before-and-after examples, visuals, and instruction.

Why does all this matter?

We all write all day long—and our writing defines the culture of our organizations. Better writing creates clarity, saves time and money, and reduces errors.

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