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What sets us apart

Writing workshops don’t have to be dry. People regularly tell us this is the best training they’ve ever had. This is because:

  • You walk away with practical skills you can use immediately

  • We teach using real-life, customized examples that work for your individual situation

  • Our courses stay focused and don’t waste an ounce of your time

  • We don’t lecture—we keep the pace lively and interactive

We teach writing that works at work

The way most of us were taught to write doesn't translate well to the workplace. In fact, it makes the writing process harder and more time consuming for everyone—writers, reviewers, and readers.

We teach a step-by-step process to write efficiently and easily, especially under time constraints. We help you disentangle common problems like complexity, costly rework, and stress. We give you skills, but also confidence: you will produce better documents, quicker, and with ease.

We customize to each client and group

Our courses are not one-size-fits-all—we customize each training to what your group needs most. We create your course, including exercises, using your own documents, drawing on our decades of experience working in every conceivable sector. This makes our content 10x more relevant and usable. Click here to see some examples.

We give personalized feedback

We offer individual feedback for participants. We give written feedback on one of their own documents, along with a 15-minute meeting with the instructor to discuss it. Each writer receives constructive, concrete advice that is just what they need to get to the next level.

Our feedback gives each writer a clear path forward with their writing. And it also brings new energy and morale for their work. Many participants tell us this is the first useful advice they’ve gotten on their writing since they were in school.

We teach writers to rethink
Most workplace writing needs more rethinking than editing. That’s our forte, and we will make it yours too. After completing our training, participants can routinely write 30-50% less, while being clearer and more effective.

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Save money with our training
Employees with better skills

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higher-quality, faster documents, reduced costs to the employer