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Online workshops

We know between the uncertainty of the world right now and budget constraints, training in person is often not possible. This page offers you flexible, cost–effective, and safe alternatives.

Our approach to online

Our online offerings are the best of what we’ve learned over decades of teaching in-person courses, redesigned for online learning. It’s the same well-honed content, but delivered to minimize the drawbacks and maximize the advantages of the platform. It’s not copied and pasted. We adapt the content to what you need and the type of online training you choose.

You can choose from several options

You can choose the training that fits best for you or your organization:

Stay tuned for Plain Language Fundamentals

We will offer you a do-it-at-your-own-pace Plain Language Fundamentals online course that teaches our core principles within the next six months. It will be a foundational course on which you can build more specific or advanced courses.

We will offer options to customize this content using your organization’s documents, so it’s deeply applicable to the work you do.

To get a feel for our approach

If you want to see how we teach, you can check out a free module of our online training or our Youtube channel.

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